Justin Bonomo High Stakes Poker Player Bio and Strategy

During the WSOP 2018, Justin Bonomo took over the all time money list. Some highlights of his cashes include the One Drop for Water tournament win for $10 million and $5 million at the Super High Roller Bowl. It seems appropiate to do a full bio on the most successful poker player in history.

Justin Bonomo was born September 30, 1985 in Fairfax, Virginia. He’s nicknamed “Zeejustin”. He’s the youngest poker player ever featured on final table on the television when he placed fourth in the French Open in 2005. At that time Bonomo was 19.
Alternate Lifestyle
Justin Bonomo believes in polymory. This is the ability to love more than one person. He said at one time his girlfriend flirting with other guys turned him on. Of course, he had pink hair a couple of years ago and the big question is ” Is Justin Bonomo Gay or Bisexual?”. He hasn’t answered that one but said he dyed his hair pink because he was going to the Burning Man Festival and he didn’t want to look like a spectator but a participant so he dyed his hair pink to fit in. He also said more women approach him because of his hair color. The polymorous lifestyle has a bisexual overtone without expressedly stating that. It’s certainly not sex with marriage partner only and what anyone does in their bedroom is their own business.
Online Poker Room Cheating Scandal
At 19, Bonomo had multi-accounts at online poker sites and would play in the same tournament giving him a hefty advantage. Can you imagine sitting twice at the same table? To do that you would want to be at the higher stakes tourneys with fewer players to increase the chances you’d play with your additional account. He later admitted to this and pledged 5% of his winnings to SENS, a life extension project for the elderly.
Another cheating scandal was Prahlad Friedman accused Bonomo of account sharing with Isaac Haxton. Friedman claims Bonomo let Haxton use his account to deceive Friedman. They denied this but left the door open that Bonomo might be getting coached by Haxton.
Poker Strategy

No Limit Strategy
Though Bonomo plays many types of poker and has various strategies for each game, he has specific strategy for short stack periods. Consisently short stacked players are often tight players. Tight players are those who look for solid winning hands and otherwise fold. Those who are short stacked on the bubble are often too obsessive about money and chips. Solutions to these are to play looser. For example, playing and ace and 9 might win instead of waiting for an ace ace pair or king king pair. Nice hands like high pairs come around but sometimes the waiting could force you to bust out or put you in a negative odds situation. Better to bet earlier and play looser than too tight. High cards ace king go up in value most of the time but especially when you’re short stacked and draw hands like suited connectors go down. Suited connectors if not a straight on the flop require more chips and could diminish an already low chip stack.
1. When short stacked, it’s best to wait for the big blind rather than play before the big blind.
2. Players should be tighter and selective with 10 or more big blinds.
3. With 5 to 7 big blinds players should be loose.
4. Avoid the bubble with looser player early in the tournament.
No Limit Lowball Strategy
2-7 Triple draw is a poker variant. It is mostly played by experienced players who want to be considered well rounded. The objective is to get the lowest possible hand. So 2-3-4-5-7 would win over 10-jack-queen-king-ace.
Bonomo’s strategy for playing include holding a deuces, of course. 3-4-5 might look good at the start but you’ll have to see how the cards unfold to turn it into a winning hand. It’s much like no limit but the opposite. Players are dealt five cards and there are three betting rounds to hold or discard cards. It’s similar to video poker in that respect.
Most of Bonomo’s cashes have been in no limit holdem poker.
Top Poker Cashes
July 2018 Big One for One Drop Tourney $10,000,000
May 2018 $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl $5,000,000
March 2018 Hong Kong 2,120,000 No Limit Holdem $4,820,299
April 2012 EPT Super High Roller 8 Max $2,167,588
August 2013 Seminole Championship Main Event $1,163,500
January 2018 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure $1,077,800
July 2016 WSOP $50,000 Six Max $801,048
May 2017 Aria Super High Roller $779,520
November 2016 Hong Kong $500,000 NLH $727,350
December 2016 Aria Super High Roller $639,000
2018 has been a record year for Bonomo. He increased his total cashes by 50%. He’s made over $20 million in poker winnings this year alone. And the year isn’t over yet. This moved him into the top spot for poker cashes as the most successful poker player in history. At 32, he will probably exceed this as well. Negreanu who previously held the title is now second in all time poker earnings.
The Road Ahead
Poker players tend to have ups and downs. Vanessa Selbst retired. Ivey took time off and played in Asia. Though active last year, Dan Colman has been mia for much of 2018 at least from the major tourneys. What will Bonomo due next. It might be time to assess the fortune he created, invest in real estate or stocks. Or maybe he might want to chill out and relax. The choice is really his.