The Beast Sit and Crush – Win Entry to The Cage Live in Costa Rica

Americas Cardroom is doing it right! They have the Sunday Beast Sit and Crush tournament where two lucky winners get a package for their Cage Live event. The Cage Live is a timed poker tournament that runs over two days with two 3 hour events both days. The winner is the player with the most chips at the end of the tournament. It’s a combo of tournament and cash game created by Americas Cardroom management and it’s catching on. Players don’t have to play for 12 and 15 hours like some tournaments. The time limit puts a stop to this. Players have less fatigue that comes with long tournaments.

The Beast Sit and Crush Satellite Sundays at Americas Cardroom

The buy-in for the satellite to the event is $55. The buy-in for the Main Cage Live event is $5250. Players also get an option to have a second buy ready if they bust out.
Americas Cardroom also has the weekly Cage online at their website. Playing can give you the feel of the real deal. They buy-in is $1000. At the end, they convert your chips to cash!
Winners of the Beast Sit and Crush on Sundays get a $8340 package that includes airfare, hotel stay, the buy-in and more cash to play at ACR. For the Cage Live at Costa Rica winners include Troy Quenneville who took home $51,315 in January 2019, and poker pro Thomas Cannuli.
The remaining dates for the Cage Live in 2019 are May 31st-June 3rd, August 9th – 12th, October 4th – 7th (Pot Limit Omaha) and December 6th – 9th also Pot Limit Omaha.

the beast sit and crush

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Highstakes Poker Tournament The Cage Live at the Taormina Hotel in Costa Rica

Americas Cardroom is hosting the Cage Live Event throughtout 2019 at the Taormina Hotel in Costa Rica. There will be several weekends throughout the year to join the fun. The dates of the Live Cage are:
March 29th – April 1st, 2019
May 31st – June 3rd, 2019
August 9th – 12th, 2019
October 4th – 7th, 2019
December 6th to 9th, 2019 (POT LIMIT OMAHA)

If you’re on vacation and might be interested in playing, the buy-in is $5,250. You can also win by playing at Americas Cardroom in the $55 Beast and Sit and Crush tourney each Sunday at 6 pm. You also get a hot package including hotel, airfare and spending cash. A total package of $8340 is on the table every Sunday.
Winners get:
$5,000 + $250 Buy-in to Cage Live Event
$800 airfare
$1,000 spending Cash
$340 for Cash Games
Up to 3 nights’ accommodation at the Taormina Casino and Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica
Airport Transportation
The Cage is a time based poker tournament where players play for an allotted amount of time and at the finishing players leave with what they have at the time instead of a tournament where players cash at a certain point. The Structure for The Live Cage is:
2-Day Event
Players start with 5,000 in tournament chips.
3 hours Blind Levels.
30 minute break every level.
No late registration.
No Re-entry allowed.

Play Schedule

Day 1 -> 2 Levels
Day 2 -> 2 Levels


Level 1 with $10 / $20 blinds and $5 ante
Level 2 with $25 / $50 blinds and $5 ante
Level 3 with $40 / $80 blinds and $10 ante
Level 4 with $50 / $100 blinds and $10 ante

Players’ antes are paid by the button player. This format speeds up the overall play.
There will also be a double buy option where prize pools increase substantially. Before the tournament starts, a player can buy an extra entry for $5250 and have more chips to redeem if necessary. If it’s not used throughout the tournament, it gets refunded.

Sam Soverel wins the March 2019 Cage Live at the Taormina Hotel

The current winner of the Live Cage is Sam Soverel who won $36,030 in March 2019. You could be next or have lots of fun in Costa Rica!!

Americas Cardroom to Host Venom $5 Million Dollar Poker Tournament $1 Million Guaranteed to First Place Winner

Anyone who plays poker know that winners get a share of the pot. So, winning a million dollar tournament would give you a share of the pot. If lucky and you win, it’s around $200,000 depending on the amount of players. But coming in July, Americas Cardroom will have the $5 Million Dollar Venom Tournament where the winner walks away with a cool million dollars. After everything the winner is getting a million dollars – some cool cash!
This would become the largest pot of any US poker room in history. And now is a great time to check out Americas Cardroom.
With a jackpot so high the buy-in is a mind boggling $2650 but there are satellites and steps events where you can win your seat to the event for free. Signing up is as easy as creating a poker name you want to use and creating a password.
Venom Poker Satellites
There are six tournaments that can get you in the Venom tourney. Everyday Americas Cardroom has six freerolls and there are on demand tournaments that range from $6 and up to $600. The $600 tournament winner is guaranteed a seat. The other tournaments are satellites to the $600 tournament. All along the way, players can opt to buy-in as well.
1 Freeroll
2 $6 Satellite
3 $15 Satellite
4 $50 Satellite
5 $ 200 Satellite
6 $600 Satellite
Or you could buy-in for $2650. If you do get lucky, it’s best to have a backup entry just in case. And players can win multiple entries as well. There is also the spin to get in feature. You can get into the tournament for as low as a penny if you get lucky. To use this feature go to the Venom Tournament page and at the bottom, you’ll find the Spin to get in feature. Simply click and see if you get lucky.

The spin to get in is right here. When you click spin the wheel will show 3 cards, if they match you get a free entry. The spins are from a penny and go up to a dollar. This is for all tournaments as well!

Signing up at Americas Cardroom will also get many bonuses. A sign up bonus that matches your deposit. Most casinos have this option. I’m not sure of the cash out potential it may be for playing only. Regular players get loyalty rewards, the more you play, the faster they accumulate. Always check the rewards section to see for your reward status.
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